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Croc breeding training Imparted to Tsunami-happy farmers

16, Sep 2012 By PottatangTimes

In a move towards rehabilitating tsunami-happy farmers, the Jungleeland Admn has initiated croc-breeding training for them in their submerged land. The move has thrilled the farmers who were on a long agitational mode unwilling to surrender their submerged land. The training programme is conducted by Jungleeland Olchuland Consultancy (JOCON).

Inaugurating the training programme, Shri HappyLight, Chief Junglee said that the Jungleeland is committed towards the welfare of the tsunami-happy farmers. He also appreciated the wholesome participation of all farmers. Calling it an innovative step, he asserted that the farmers should take interest in the training as well as start their own venture. He also assured the farmers that the Dukati Admn will support them in their entrepreneurial ventures. The Jungle Bank of Jarawaland will provide self-interest loan for the farmers.

Speaking to The Pottatang Times, Moggaru Mama, a prospective farmer said that the Junglee Admn has been very supportive and has also provided them different varieties like mugger, marsh or Indian crocodile, saltwater crocodile or estuarine crocodile, American alligators and Chinese crocodiles.

The Mugger or Indian crocodile has been trained to catch LTC tourists, Saltwater crocodiles can easily prey on high value low volume tourists and American alligators are specially bred to catch only those phoren backpacker tourists who are like pests infested in the Islands of Keil and Jawlock. The Chinese crocodiles will be used near Coco Island, where the presence of Chinese has been confirmed.

Junglee Tourism Dept has assured that it will buy the crocs from the farmers on Price Support Scheme and use them at various tourist spots according to the type of tourists visiting each spot.

The Junglee Municipality has also tied with JOCON to provide feed for the farmers. It has already floated tenders to catch stray dogees in Municipal areas, which will be supplied to the farmers through various depots it has setup throughout the Islands.

The Junglee Officer-in-Charge, JOCON speaking at the valedictory function called upon the trainees to make full utilization of the training programme and to spread the knowledge. He also informed the farmers that regular supply of tourists at various place of tourism interest has been already ensured by the Dukati Admn.

After completion of training programme JOCON will be providing its support for a further period of 2 monsoons for preparation of project report, registration of the crocodiles, and assistance for availing loan.