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Cricket blamed for India's Olympics Hockey debacle

16, Sep 2012 By mad_journalist

One of the members of the Indian Hockey team that participated in the recent London Olympics , in a private conversation to our reporter Bhavesh Yadav, has put the blame on cricket for their poor performance.

When poked further to know the reasoning behind his dig at cricket, he said “This time we had to play on the blue turf. And blue ,as you know , is considered very sacred by the cricketing fraternity and the cricket fans. Even during the recent cricket world cup, a famous beverage brand launched a campaign to bleed blue. We were playing on the holy blood, I repeat Holy blood. And resting our feet on it and hitting that with the stick would have been insult to the crores of Indians in whose veins blue blood flows. Just to participate we had to enter the field. By not winning even one match we have shown to the world our allegiance to Indian cricket. And we are sure a former CM of Karnataka would shower us with plots in plush localities of Bangalore.”As he said it, his face brimmed with joy.

The reporter, to find the veracity of the reason stated, when talked to Hockey India and Indian Hockey Federation, astonishingly both confirmed it. Pintoo Singh, member of the HI, said “We had advised the players to be careful when they set foot on the turf because we didn’t want to be in the wrong books of BCCI. We get paid by the BCCI to sustain in our fight with IHF.”

An IOC member mentioned that BCCI offered them huge chunks of money to the organizers to change the turf to any other color but blue, but in the nick of time Lalit Modi offered the IOC double the money to keep the turf blue.