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Cows request God to make polythene digestible

14, May 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Indore: To solve food problem in society, eminent and veteran cows from city decided to request to God to make polythene digestible for them. After series of meetings in past 5-6 months, cows finally took this decision.

In conversation with FakingNews, Vimla (secretary of Bhojan Sangharsh Samiti)talked about the developments to finally reach this conclusion.

In an emotional beginning she said, “We are the animals who get the food and shelter until we give milk to our lords. After that they abandon us on roads. Even old clothes are treated better than us. We can’t find enough food on our own. In past two months, at least 20 cows left for heaven due to hunger while city was busy with elections.”

Cow trying to find out food in garbage dump

FakingNews reporter tried to give her condolences by patting her back, but this made her more emotional. “Why you people love artificial teddy bear more than living animals like us?” she asked in tears.

To make air thin, FakingNews reporter offered her fresh green grass. After finishing the grass and expressing gratitude, secretary of Bhojan Sanghanrsh Samiti came to point.

“After the inflation, people often finish food or they cook just enough to eat. So gone are the days when people feed street dogs and cows through leftover food. Due to lack of enough food, we have to search food in streets and garbage dump where we don’t find enough food. For instance, many times mothers don’t get chance to fill their stomach after feeding their children and younger siblings,” told Vimla to explain their problem.

When FakingNews reporter asked to take admission in animal shelter house run by municipality, Vimla replied that, “They are hells which have board of heaven outside. They do not give food properly and keep members in non-animal situations. That’s why animals are frequently trying to escape from that place.”

Further, Vimla said that to attract human attention towards their problem they organized dharna by sitting in middle of the road to create obstruction in traffic in their corresponding areas and by defecating publicly. But no one noticed our problems, on contrary they started to consider ourselves as their problem. According to Vimla when they tried to protest in front of municipality office, they were badly beaten by cops. “This was the only time when we felt than they behaved with us without any discrimination,” commented Vimla on incident.

“Sometime when cows are very hungry but do not get anything to eat, they eat polythene bags which can be found almost everywhere. Even if a cow knows that she cannot digest polythene, she eats that to fill her stomach. Last week, I lost my best friend Rani after plastic bags got stuck in her windpipe,” Vimla explained problem further.

Last week when Vimla and her fellow cows overheard a conversation between two people, they realized that only God can help them.

“So like humans we also decided to pray to God. We know that god is very busy so we are also offering solution to the God. We don’t know language of god but I think god must have a translator. We are requesting to God that please make polythene digestible to us. Any cow can easily find polythene bags here and there. This would prevent unnatural death of cows and it would also help humans to keep their city clean,” said Vimla with hope.