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Cows may be allowed to vote now

18, Mar 2015 By rohitgrover42

New Delhi: In a move seen by many as a further extension of the rights of the cows, the center has decided to allow the cows to vote now. The move comes as various cow ‘Rights’ group have been fighting for their rights.

The Cow-Voters
The Cow-Voters

Government is also seriously considering issuing Ration Cards to cows. However sources in the government denied that cows will be issued any driving licenses this year.

The opposition party has accused the government of extending its voter base.

Meanwhile in related news, Chickens will be holding a rally in Jantar Mantar next Friday requesting the government to extend the ban on poultry items.

The government however is unlikely to ban poultry items such as Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken, after threats of legal action from the owners of Chawla Chicken.  A representative of the Chawla Chicken though confirmed that as a compromise they may consider removing Hariyali Tikka from the menu.