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Cow kills another cow in UP, entire city in state of confusion

06, Jun 2017 By Ajinkya Ranade

The entire city of Kanpur is in a state of confusion after a recent incident that has shaken the state. In a fight that happened in a local farm, a cow was killed by another cow, and people have no idea about what should be done about the situation. High level officials recently held a meet to determine further course of action but proved inconsequential.

The incident took place in a local farm owned by Sunil Gaayakwad, at about 9 am in the morning. His son heard fighting from the farm and went to see two cows fighting against each other. Before he could interfere, one of the cows killed the other. Sunil and his son have reportedly been traumatised.

The fight scene
The fight scene

“We have many cows and they all are our mothers. But we did not know that mothers could fight among each other. We believed that it happened only in Ramayana. We tried to stop them, but it had happened before we could do anything.”

Gau Rakshaks positioned nearby rushed in quickly to beat down the culprit, but were left baffled. “On one side, a cow was killed. We must punish the culprit. On the other hand, we cannot hit a cow. We have absolutely no idea what our next move should be.”

Since they could not beat up anyone else, some Gau Rakshaks beat up Sunil and his son. “Why did they allow them to fight? They let them fight so that someone would die, and they would get beef to eat. When we reached the farm, we noticed that Sunil was wearing a green shirt. The colour of the shirt confirmed their intention, and we could not return back without beating up someone.”

The CM has ordered a probe into the situation, and we met the spokesperson, Mr. Kishan Kanhaiya, to get the official statement.

“Our top priority is the safety of our cows. We have even decided to rename the city as Cow-npur so that people keep this in mind. What happened was unfortunate, so the government will implement a 1500 crore rupee plan to cover the horns and legs of all cows with padding. Also, cows will be taught to be non violent and tolerant. They are like our mothers, and just like human mothers, they should be quiet, non violent and tolerate anything that happens to them without complaints.”

We also had a detailed statement from the guilty cow in all these matters, but after giving the statement she got up and did gobar on the page.