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Court declares sending of a kissing smiley unnatural, guy imprisoned for 10 years

13, Dec 2013 By Shubham Choudhary

After the recent decision of Supreme Court making all the ‘unnatural’ sexual acts illegal, a student of Delhi University had to face a crisis when he sent a kissing smiley to a girl on WhatsApp.

A few hours after he sent the smiley, three armed policemen came to his house with a non-bailable warrant putting him in jail. The decision was later passed on by the local criminal court where the guy was sentenced to a 10 year imprisonment.

According to the Chief inspector, it’s a matter of great concern as the people in our country are getting too free and the judiciary cannot let that happen. He also said that since the kiss smiley on the phone wasn’t natural and no affidavit was signed prior to sending it, the girl was traumatized and sexually exploited by the guy.

Beware! Don't send that smiley!
Beware! Don’t send that smiley!

When asked about the incident, the girl’s father said, “It is not just a win for us, it is the win for humanity and all those who oppose unnatural sex.” The boy’s father looked extremely sad at the incident, he tried avoiding the media and said this when forced, “We’re sorry we gave birth to a son like that. It is our unfortunate luck that we had to see this day. While Sharma ji’s son has been friend-zoned by 21 girls, it is sad that our son dared to make a girlfriend and even tried kissing her textually.

The matter is spreading like a forest fire and the girl has received a lot of support. Meenakshi Lekhi has commented that such guys who try to do this heinous acts must be hanged in public. Smruti Irani too wanted to comment on the incident, although she was shut up by Arnab Goswami which made them fight and she ended up punching him in the face.

While the whole country has come forward with an opinion on the matter, when asked about the whole incident, the guy said, “I was trying to make a sad emoticon. Pressed 8 instead of 9 and sent a kissing emoticon instead.” The girl has suspiciously been quiet in the matter. We weren’t allowed to talk to her, the doctor said that she’ll be allowed to speak to public only after a detailed medical checkup both physical and mental.

The supreme court of India has shown a thumbs up to this situation. Another decision they’re about to pass is no one would be allowed to say “I Love You” in any other accent except Indian. Committing this crime of saying I love you in an unnatural tone may lead to a lifelong sentence.

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