Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Couples' fight ensued during flight

06, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It was only after there came that fateful new day that he and she were experiencing sitting at the close by seat, staring into each other’s eyes, talking badly after having a full glass of water, when she abruptly revealed to him something that cut him to the quick. So you got me now all riled up, she stated, making reference to their married lives.

The passenger aeroplane captain knew very well how much the co-pilot obeyed her command during the flight. The Jet Airways plane was on its way from London to Mumbai.

Suddenly they were enraged so much as the husband in the co-pilot position slapped the plane’s captain being a wife for him. They were surely not realising where the plane was going as the captain was said to have been walked out of the cabin but the co-pilot was not in a mood to stop the pilot.

Both of them were on a responsible duty. Meantime, the plane was flying high in the sky with its full speed as if nothing had happened in the serene cosmic sky. However, the situation was quite different.

The crew members were shocked to learn of this worse progress. Their first and foremost intention was quick action in regard to sending the crying captain to her cockpit seat so that the control of the Jet Airways flight number 9 w 119 could not lose its balance.

Upon their extensive requests, the lady pilot agreed to hold the steering once again. The cockpit brawl was certainly inexcusable that was why the DGCA cancelled the license of the pilot. Their behaviour left every passenger on a quivering confusion.

It was proved that two individuals with the similar egos can’t sit in the cockpit at a given time, it really becomes risky.All the 324 passengers were lucky.