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Couple on a divorce course after buying second TV

08, May 2015 By khakshar

New Delhi. A mid thirties couple whose marriage was on rocks 3-4 years ago is facing another major bout of marital bliss. The earlier discord was solved by an extra TV set so as to give both enough space and of course ifotainment. This time however the TV seems to be at the root of affairs of discord.

Talking to us Mrs. Bijli Sharma was in tears. She explained that the last 3-4 years had been quiet and full of happiness. Mrs. Bijli Sharma who is a cashier-clerk in SBI has no other interest than counting, Ekta Kapoor serials and neighborhood gossiping. She said, it has changed since January 2014 after General Elections were announced. She initially thought that the dreaded phenomenon would die down after elections as little opposition was left to raise ruckus but it went spiral. She was referring to TV debates, Delhi-Tamasha and umpteen programs and shows by our Prime Minster.

Mr. Telent Sharma was still less forthcoming. He blamed Kumkum, Daya and some Bindi for it. The lady correspondent accompanying @khakshar got excited on scent of extra-marital affair which was vehemently denied by the couple.

Battery Sharma, the kid spilled the beans. He said that both his parents were showing signs of sleep disorder common in mid- thirties couch potatoes. Both suffered from Soliloquy or sleep-talking, he further clarified. While Sharmaji would shout Mitron, Jan-Dhan Yojna bank accounts will be opened by every bank, Mrs. Sharma would shiver in sleep. Mrs. Sharma would shout in night Daya , Kuch to Gadbad Hain, aakhir Sandhya Bindi kab tak isi Kumkum ko lagayegi! This would leave Mr.Sharma sweating in night as not putting Kumkum-Sindoor for a married woman is still a taboo.

However the final nail was hit recently when Sharmaji shouted in sleep “You Presstitutes , Bazaru have enough time to report on Vishwas Leela but not on the development under Girl Child Program”. This seems to be the end of it as Mrs. Sharma knew that Mr. Sharma was in favor of another child, preferably girl while she was not in favor of second child.