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Couple caught celebrating Valentine's Day on Friendship Day

04, Aug 2013 By journographer

Aditya and Priya (Photo Changed)

Mumbai. Aditya Sinha (name changed) and Priya Sen (name changed) were caught red-handed outside Nanasaheb Patil College of Commerce (name changed) celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friendship day. Leading greeting card seller Archies Ltd confirmed that Aditya had bought a greeting card worth Rs. 150 a day before.

An eye-witness says that he saw Aditya offering Priya a ‘red’ rose which is a symbol of love. The eye-witness and his friends who work for The Ruffian Party of India (TRPI: name changed) beat up the flower vendor who sold the ‘red’ rose and vandalized the Archies store from where Aditya bought the greeting card. A representative of TRPI said, “The vandals who sabotaged Archies are not Ruffians. The opposition is trying to defame us.”

Meanwhile Aditya (holding a yellow rose) and Priya are now celebrating Friendship Day at Bandstand, Bandra and the ‘red’ Flower seller now sells only ‘yellow’ flowers. When we contacted the Chief Minister about the incident, he said, “Happy Friendship Day!”