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Corruption Cards to be launched soon in India

20, Feb 2013 By ultikhopdi

In what looks like one of the most innovative idea that has come out from India’s ruling party stable, they have come out with a unique ground breaking concept of Corruption Cards, which are soon going to be launched all over India.

Since it’s a new product let’s first understand the usage, and then we will come to the benefits:

This card is a payment card issued to users as a system of payment of bribes. It allows the cardholder to pay for bribes based on the holder’s promise to pay for them. So now onwards, instead of paying a traffic hawaldar through cash, you can get this card swiped.

This card comes in two flavors – Platinum visa card (for bribes below 10 lakh rupees) and a Titanium master card (sky is the limit). These cards will be accepted by all the government institutions and come in with a cash-back and rewards facilities in order to encourage aam aadmi to pay more bribes.

Imagine you pay Rs 500 to a RTO officer for getting your driving license, and you get a cash back of 10% , it means you save a whopping Rs 50 and also you earn loyalty points on every transaction. Terrific, isn’t it?

The sentiment amongst the Indian middle class is really positive. Faking News correspondent ultikhopdi discussed about this idea with several common people. Let’s see what the people had to say about the card.

Mr. Chadhdha from Bhatinda : “Oh sir ji kamaal ki cheez hai yeh matlab rishwat do aur uska payment 60 din baad karo oh teri, kamaal hai ji uppar se cash back . Sir ji thru your medium I would like to congratulate the Indian government for such a revolutionary idea. ”

Mr. Ahmed from Hyderabad had only one thing to say about this card : “Awesome!”

Several countries like Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan etc ranked top on the Corruption Perceptions Index congratulated the Indian government on such a innovate and game changing idea and would like to implement similar idea in their countries.

Critics believe that the government has timed this idea perfectly keeping in mind the general elections of 2014 and this idea would definitely help swing lower & middle class votes in government’s favor.

However the brokers (kind of people who help you out for getting license, passport and all) association of India has threatened the government that they will go on an infinite hunger strike if this card is launched in the Indian market.

Ultikhopdi talked with Mr. Broker Babu Dalaal, The President of the Indian Brokers Association, and he said, “If this card is implemented, all the bribes would reach directly in hand of government officials and politicians. We will lose our share and will not get anything!”

He alleged that from past several thousands year the Sarkari babu & Dalaal nexus has generated so much revenue for the Government, now the government, all off a  sudden, is planning to leave the brokers out of the loop.

Finally this card is free of cost for Indian citizens. And keeping in mind it’s India, you still have to pay a bribe of Rs 1000 to get your bribe/corruption card.