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Convent school kid adds beef ban to the homework essay on Cow, creates sensation

04, May 2015 By fakedust

As is known from the brief information from our sources, and the tirelessly detailed description by the famous anchor of NDTV Prime Time, a girl studying in class 2nd of  JMD Convent School mentioned a beef ban supporting sentence to the century old, never changed and horribly stale essay on ‘Cow’ given as a homework.

The sensational and innovative idea did not give immediate positive outcome and ended in making her stand out of the class for the entire period and getting a zero out of 10. However, the incident has created ripples all over the nation, with the school being issued a show cause notice.

Of milk and beef

Digging more into the events, it was found that the girl, Sakshi, is the only child of Maharaj Mishra, who works for a stern religious group. When we asked Sakshi that if she knows what the line she has written actually meant, she started looking at her mother with fear and tears.”Sakshi always used to get a 10 on 10 and very good. She was never punished in the class. This was for the first time she was helped by her father with homework, and look what has happened,” wept her mother.

“I do not like the people against beef ban at all,” claimed the proud father, “they always make me angry. So this point came out naturally while helping Sakshi with the essay. Why to eat beef! Cow gives milk that is needed so much in our Pooja and rituals to bathe the Gods with. Why can’t we simply agree that a cow is everyone’s mother!”

On being asked about the irony behind his daughter admitted to a different religion convent school, despite his stern religious ideology, he became quiet and remained clueless for some time, but later gave a  pretty nonsensical reply, “I always thought that the JMD in the name stood for Jai Mata Di convent school, have come to know only today that it’s actually John Mary David Convent.”

The teacher who punished Sakshi joined the NDTV Prime Time debate as a panelist, and was asked by the anchor as to why she is against the ban on beef so much. She explained something in detail, which was so confusing and senseless that probably even logic can not explain it, let alone the anchor, the other panelists and the viewers.

Meanwhile, the government has already started considering Sakshi-Maharaj, the daughter-father duo, for one of the Padma awards.