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Contributing towards the cleanliness drive, municipalities demand fresh gloves and a photographer

04, Nov 2014 By ajeeb

Moving a step further in purifying our motherland, country has achieved a more than an expected achievement. Keeping in view over this matter, Municipal Corporation (MC), has taken a wisest decision among all of the competetiors ,participants patriots. The organization have kept certain basic demands to eradicate the filth from various parts of the country; brand new gloves, a sophisticated mouth cover and a stringent demand of a photographer, preferably from an engineering background.

An Inspiration
An Inspiration

Hamne kucch jyada to nahi manga, Bharat ma ki taraf se thoda aashirvaad , Mujhe bhi to kucch chaiye”(This is my motherlands’ blessings and hers’ token of love for me, I’ve got my needs though). Told Mr. Bharatnath Gyankar, a MCs’ closed personnels. Internal sources have also revealed that MC is also planning a protest, in a queue of their unnecessary basic demands.

“Our country is being cleaned up with an enormous patriotism via various different citizens, We the members of narakpalika Nagarpalika (MC) never had such sort of assets that people are using nowadays while cleaning. Don’t you guys think we also need some publicity care of the common man in the form of likes on social networking sites. I promise to all of my fellow citizens, those areas which will be giving us the maximum number of shares, likes and retweets will never be in the realm of garbage,” said an undisclosed MCs’ member, justifying the legitimacy of their demands.

“No matter what will be the physical state of garbage, areas will be swept by MCs’ Wave,” he added.

Engineers from various part of the country have already pulled their socks up in view of this matter, several techies were seen in front of Nagarpalika with DSLRs in their hands, foreseeing a government job to serve their motherland via means of their incomparable photography skills.

Celebrities from all over the country have welcomed this decision of MC, “How much of attention filth we can cover, our main job i.e Fugacywood takes all of our time in copying creating entertainment ,Globalization of our industry demands us to work even in conditions like 11th hour. Imitating Competing globally recognized celebrities is not everybody’s cup of tea,” said, Mr. Imperfect of fugacywood.

Meanwhile, there are rumors popping out that this can be one of the reasons of the municipalities thinking towards developing them the state of art activities of their organization.