Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Consumers find flaws at petrol pumps

10, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR:  Every consumer reaching the petrol pump station for the fuel in the vehicle deserves the simple right of getting the complete quantity of petrol. But it is never so. The accuracy is seldom up to the satisfaction of those buying the petrol. The machine is so run as some imperfection always sustains. The nozzle of the long pipe sending the petrol into the vehicle’s tank is quickly dragged out. This causes a certain amount of petrol falling on the ground. The men at the machine often play tricks to somehow stop the flow of petrol into the vehicle’s tank.

These days a big board displaying the message of checking correct measure of the petrol is seen.  The adherence to this norm is not deemed essential by the men at the machine. They stick to their own routine ways. If any consumer objects at their method, they start unnecessary arguments. Despite repeated requests, they do not change their habit of doing whatever seemed suitable.

Although the petrol pump owners are up in arms over their various demands yet the consumers fret and fume over the persisting tendency of short weighing of the petrol. Why does wrong practice exist behind clear instructions? Why were consumers denied their due right? Why were they compelled to endure inexactness?  Short weighing of the petrol seems to be the privilege of the men deputed to provide the oil. When the consumers pay the full amount for the petrol, they expect the equal quantity of oil. But unfortunately, they remain deprived of this advantage.

The proposed country-wide strike on Wednesday is aimed at opposing dealers’ margin, daily price mechanism and home delivery issues. The All-India Petroleum Dealers Association goes up against the petroleum ministry’s indifferent attitude. The dynamic pricing system applied since June 16 is worrying the dealers.