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Construction industry planning to shift from Kashmir to Uttar Pradesh

31, Jul 2014 By manithan

Saharanpur: Effective last week, Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh has seen a lot of construction companies opening its branches there. Our Faking News reports on sudden entry of construction industry to this peaceful town.

At first, we contacted Kishan Lal, owner of Lal Builders. He first started his construction business in Delhi and later went on to Kashmir. After several years of doing business across Kashmir, he has come down to UP last week.

Kishan said, “I want my company to have less investment and heavy profit. Other companies in this field will usually invest a lot in buying bricks and stones. And then, when the building is constructed, you will be bankrupt by paying salaries of workers and other related expenses.”

After a sneeze, he continued, “Now, imagine, if i spend all my income, I will end up being in the same position. When I was in Delhi during my initial business ventures, I never went beyond earning ten thousand a month. But now, my company turnover is 50 lakhs. The profits came only after I relocated my company to Kashmir. And now, I am too happy to set my company branches outside Kashmir. I believe that, in Uttar Pradesh, my company turnover will reach 5 crores soon.”

When asked about the relation between company profit and location, he told us that he cannot divulge us his company secret. Not only Kishan Lal, almost all of the builders who opened their branch office in Saharanpur were boasting about their past profits in Kashmir, but never told us why they moved here and how those profits came.

Tinku Yadav, a local resident, said, “Even I was wondering about the sudden increase in the builders in our area. We rarely have builders setting up their shops here. Last week, after the peaceful demonstrations against the Sikh legally occupying the land of ‘other community’, we saw some machines collecting bricks and stones from the road. And, I saw few of these builders paying those drivers. I’m totally confused yaar!”

Before we thought of giving up, we invited one such builder, Mukesh Singh, to local bar. After few cups of whisky, he started to reveal the profit story in Kashmir.

He said, “Bhai! For constructing building, we need bricks and stones. And the cost of bricks are too high. But thankfully, in Kashmir, we builders need not worry about those materials. Every day, there will be stone pelting done by the locals there. Men, women and even children pelt stones at the army or CRPF there. Slowly, builders who got the wind of this stone-pelting trickled into the Kashmir valley and started their business there. After the attacks get over and the security forces leave, we used to collect all the bricks and stones and store it in our warehouse. In a month, we will get tons & tons of stones and bricks. We even employed our relatives and contract labourers from Haryana to collect the stones. Every builder who pitched their tent in Kashmir became rich, then richer and finally richest. We got stones & bricks at free cost and all we have to lose is payment for mason. Less investment, heavy profit! “

After finishing another round of whisky, he continued, “When we saw the picture of stone-pelting in Saharanpur, we were amazed at the opportunity. In Kashmir, we could not have our own home. But here, we can have one. Also, we believe Uttar Pradesh is going to be the next Kashmir and there are many stones here. We have even brought half of our stone collecting machines here. I sincerely hope that riot occurs here everyday and peace prevails. Now, we don’t need subsidized bricks at low cost, we get subsidized bricks at free cost.”

Before leaving, he gave his business card to us. In the front of card, his name and his company name was written. On the backside of the card, a quoted text in big font is printed. It was, “A successful man is one who starts a building company with the bricks others have thrown at the security forces.”

From Left to Right: Throwing of Construction materials, collection of Construction materials and a constructed building.