Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Congress's ban-list

07, Nov 2013 By Baawra Chhora

Things other than exit polls which Congress wants to be banned :

Pie Charts: They can mislead people about seat distribution in Lok Sabha.

All numbers between 1 and 545: 545 is the maximum no. of seats that opinion polls can give to opposition.

All Bharat Nirman Ads : This way detractors get less Masala to make fun of congress.

The word pappu : Bas naam hi kaafi hai

All schemes, airports and train stations having a non-Gandhi name: These can mislead people due to their “uncommon” names.

Songs of Lata Mangeshkar: She misguides those listening her songs; people driving to Bihar can end up in Gujarat.

Live broadcast of Rahul Gandhi speech: This can mislead voters that Congress is run by a bunch of nursery going kids or a platoon of comedy script writers.

Media coverage of Modi’s rallies: This can give inferiority complex to the natural heir to the throne of India.

Social Media : That is where all the latest jokes about Rahul Gandhi come from, na rahega baans na bajegi bansuri (no bumboo, no flute)

Dhokla and Khakra : You really want to know the reason ?

Vegetarian food : The ultimate method to control the price of “vegetables”

and based on the latest opinion poll , Sanjay Jha Sahab, Digvijay Singh ji , and His Holistic Manish Tiwari ji.