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Congress to set up “I dint mean it” department.

12, Jul 2012 By thenali

Going back on words, taking a U-turn and blaming the media for misinterpretation has been more than a phenomenon in the congress camp in the recent past. Congress being upset about the media distorting the statement of their leaders has decided to create a “I dint mean it”(IDMI) department .

The department would work on statements given by their leaders and would give correction to the media whenever required. The department would interpret and break down the message clearly for the media like how the congress wants media to convey the message and thereby avoiding any commotion.

The IDMI though established based on swift decision by the congress which is unusually the case in anything else, the establishment is still not clear about the overall direction and the objective which is usual of congress. The department would initially work on giving corrective messages to news regarding Rahulji and Soniaji strictly and news on common man and Manmohan singh if needed the most.

“We are not sure whether the corrections would be provided to us by IDMI or IDMI would directly clarify it to the press “Said a senior congress leader when asked about the contact point for corrections from IDMI. “ Whether I say it or the department says it, it’s all prepared by them, so it does not bother who the contact point is “he added.

“Well I thought the president was the one who does not have anything to say in politics, but it turns out to be the prime minister in our case, well actually I dint mean it “giggled Mr. Khurshid.

“It is not surprising; the congress on the whole dint mean to people like me anyway. When they hunted for vote they told us that they are the friend of common man, did they mean it? , I wonder why they require a separate department “said a confused (common) man.