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Congress thinking of ordinance to empower girls between age of 18 and 25

17, Jan 2014 By praprapra

In a bid to bolster Rahul Gandhi’s Youth Icon status, Congress is mooting an idea of an ordinance to allow only girls to vote in polls. The ordinance will be called “ Girl voto power 2014”.  It is said to be another step toward total woman empowerment.

Rahul Gandhi
Prince charming.

Among the youth, it has been marked that Rahul’s good looks and bachelor status is thought to be ‘cool’ by girls below age of 25. That is somewhat the age when the girls come to senses, it is assumed. “So catch them young, before they grow up and mature enough to make right decisions,” Manish Tiwari was heard saying this in the passage to parliament washroom.

So there is a thought getting formed that by passing an ordinance by which only girls between age of 18 to 25 are allowed to vote in election, will surly boost Rahul baba’s chances.

Our reporters asked random girls and even boys , about what they thought about this development.

On that boys said, “Hmm, okay dude. Great. We don’t want to waste  our brains on this natak . We would rather study/ prepare for jobs which are not there/ go to a movie ( last part changed depending on each boys coolness quotient).”

Then we asked the real strata of population which will do this honour of representing the young population in general.

‘”I will vote for Rahul. He is so kewl and he talks just like we do. Our elders cannot understand us;  neither you people understand him.”  This ‘you people’ was with lot of force and disdain.

Another girl was more precise. “Rahul for sure. You know my heartthrob has this name in most of his movies. So I will toh pucca vote for Rahul,” the girl said without looking up from her mobile on which she was chatting with her 3 boy friends at a time. We didn’t ask her another question as it was bothering her from her more important things.

We asked one more girl who looked studious as she was reading a book on the bench rather than being engrossed in a mobile. “Rahul for sure. He is handsome and tells his witty jokes and I like clean shaven witty men compared to bearded ones, you know?”

When we told her that what Rahul says on any topic, is in all seriousness and not in jest. She said, “Whatever… we are bothered more on effect, not on intentions!”

Seeing this girl was ready for a more thorough interview, we asked further, “ But you are not voting for Rahul or Modi, but to Congress/ UPA or BJP/NDA!!”. “ Oh is it! But they voted for Obama no? Are we not opening up and liberalizing and all that stuff?”

We were stumped by her depth!

When asked to comment on this news, with a rejoinder that it is not Congress government but an alliance, Digvijay Singh, for that rare moment is Indian political history was silent. Then he took out his phone and said, “Let me take an sms poll first !”