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Congress plans to do Iron allocation scam to claim the legacy of Iron Man

31, Oct 2013 By राजदीप सरदर्द दे साई

Amid the alleged attempts by Narendra Modi and Bhartiya Janta party to usurp the legacy of Iron man Sardar Patel, congress party is mulling taking several measures to thwart Modi’s claim to the legacy of Sardar Patel fondly called Iron Man.

“I guess we understand the problem here. We hardly have done anything significant in area of iron in recent past, that’s why people do not associate us with iron man anymore.  See, what we have done in case of coal. We had this Coal allocation Scam. Now whenever people will hear the word coal, they think of congress party. They will think of our leader Dr. Man-Mohan Singh. In fact we are seriously giving thought of giving title of Coal-Man to our Prime Minister.” told Manish Tiwari to FN reporter.

Mr. Tiwari went on to give details on how congress party think tank has decided to tackle the problem. “To prevent, BJP from taking over the legacy of Iron Man, We are planning to do the biggest scam in Iron blocks allocation. This way whenever people will think of Iron, they will think of congress. The person shouldering the responsibility for such a feat will be renamed as new Iron Man. Thus the legacy of Iron Man will remain with us, forever.”

When Faking News asked about whom they will select to do the “Iron Man” act and save the legacy, congress leader replied, “ Our ‘Iron man’ has been selected after a thoughtful process aimed to select the most eligible person . Earlier we thought of Sardar Manmohan Singh to take the responsibility be our next Iron Man. But Sonia Jee said that he is already coal man, so we decided to choose someone else to be our next Iron Man.’

A visibly happy Manish Tiwari was happy to announce the name of next Iron Man and justified his candidature.  “You see when we could not get a real Sardar to replace Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, we thought of selecting someone who comes closest to a Sardar. Now, when you hear the word Sardar, what comes to your mind?  Jokes!!!  Right.. Sardar Jokes.. Digvijay Singh beats all Sardars when it comes to jokes. Look at the internet, Digvijay Singh Jokes are far more in number and far funnier than Sardar jokes. So he will be our next Sardar. And you just look at his twitter account. You cannot find more ironic tweets anywhere else.  Whole nation is united in smiles, when they hear of Digvijay Singh. What else you want from him? He is funnier than a Sardar, he is Ironic and he unites the nation like no one else.”

Faking News tried to contact Digvijay Singh for his reaction, but it is learnt that he is already at work and selecting iron allocation files to be declared lost.