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Congress party is all set to launch “Robert Card” for mango people

01, Nov 2013 By fakemale

After a meticulous discussion with corporate companies and political parties, Congress party is all set to introduce a “Robert Card” for mango people.

robert vadra
Another feather in the cap.

It is an obligatory card, many ex ministers & politicians have asked the central government for its early release. Substantially, the party was initially in a fix but now they do not want to impediment this any further because the election is around the corner, in the banana republic.

Some of the key features of this card:-

  • Protect you from an ongoing CBI enquiry
  • 1 scam per year is permissible
  • 100cr (annual) Interest free loan from DLF treasury
  • Would receive heavy bargains on land deals from DLF Limited
  • 1 Media person would provide to protect your image
  • All the cabinet ministers will line up to defend the public allegations
  • No PIL (public interest litigation) would be entertained in any court (Civil/High/ Supreme)
  • Chief Guest to any one central government-funded public event
  • Lifetime exemption from frisking at airports (international/ domestic)
  • No RTI will be entertained against your personal assets or business activities
  • Earn 10 points for every Rs. 100 of scam
  • Redeem points instantly on air tickets, hotels and car rentals along with our select partners
  • 1 Complimentary Aadhaar card
  • Your points will never expire

Citizens have begun to babble about this card which is NO EASY to be acquired. Firstly, a candidate has to fill up a Robert form which would be gingerly reviewed by Damaad G (himself) followed with a background check of the candidate & verification of the declared assets.

On approval, the candidate will receive an intimation letter to submit the attested papers along with the registration fee of 500 Cr (one time only). Subsequently, it will take another 45 days to process and issue the card. This witty move has received gratitude by several law breakers.

Looks like, Congress is playing safe before the verdict of elections.

“A Mango Card for Mango people in Banana Republic”