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Congress dedicates ISRO's "MOM" Man of the Match Mars Orbiter Mission to Tendulkar after Rahul Gandhi misinterpretation

06, Nov 2013 By Deepak Singh

Shriharikota/Amethi: Every NEWS channels is telecasting either News about Tendulkar farewell series or Mars Orbiter Mission.

Rahul Gandhi

Inadvertent Rahul Gandhi when asked about “MOM”, he told reporters that this mission is about how Tendulkar may achieve Man of the Match in his farewell series, and to keep the word of their Shahzada prince Rahul Gandhi Congress core committee unwillingly decided to dedicate this mission “MOM” to Tendulkar.

“ISRO exploded mammoth rocket and the CDT begins for Tendulkar Farewell series that was the Scientist style of giving farewell to their master from whom they learned how to take off from ground in any situation and reach above all till Mars”.Congress spokesperson told to media last night.

Taking about mission to Congress President Rahul Gandhi,about this high profile (460 Crores) farewell.

He told to reporter of faking news it is just mere amount for the country with population of 121 corer it is just Rs 4 per head, and grand farewell was needed from our side for the man who played for the country from last 24 years.

When we asked why their have not launched it from Eden Garden he told our reporters that they planned it to launch form Eden but at last moment Chief Minister Mamta Baneerjee betrayed UPA II and she said that smoke ejected will affect the environment and our farmer will be affected badly, it was the second time Mamta got support from Mars Mass after NANO was sent off from Singur.