Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Conductor's whims fading into fogg

17, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It was a foggy morning. The moment I turned to catch the bus fast, its engine brought the vehicle into the speedy momentum. Though the people standing on the corner even shouted to stop. Someone in the group indicated of another bus standing behind. It was the one which I wanted to reach the not-so-distant destination.

Getting into the bus one single vacant seat was easily available. After a few minutes, the spectacled conductor collected the fare but did not deem it suitable to hand me over the ticket. Though it was officially not right. He was seen collecting the amount from every short-distance passenger by this way.

I stared at him; the colder morning wind was piercing the body. The wind was even heard howling down through crevice of the closed glass panels of the bus windows. This rumbling was pretty adequate in breaking the silence pervading inside the moving bus.

Wait for the conductor for the computerised ticket ended like the students denied entry on being late. Letting go of the ticket I also stepped down at the intended stop, thinking of him as deceiving the passengers for his own personal gain.

The bus was almost vacant and there were only one, two or eight or nine passengers on the bus. Two jeans-clad girls were soon got off while one stylish woman was also sitting looked interested in knowing the bus timing on the route.

The clever conductor was making every effort to save himself from the issuance of the ticket.

The fog along the Cantonment area was growing faster while the conductor’s obsession with corrupt ways amid each shortstop was worth seeing. On such occasion, a kind of humbleness in the conductors’ behaviour appear otherwise they put their words under passenger’s nose throughout the city bus journey.