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Company introduces office romance policy to handle romance at workplace

29, Dec 2013 By vinodbidwaik

Pune: (TP) Timepass IT Ltd. has become the first company to introduce official office romance policy (copy of the policy is with this reporter).

Official romance.

“It is inevitable to have the romance at workplace now a days due to employees spending more time in office than their homes. Even employees don’t want to go back at their home due to free meal, no work and free internet facilities in office. Hence we understood the need of having policy on this,” commented HR director of the company. “The policy is to regulate the romance at workplace” he further added.

Employees have mixed reactions on the policy.  “This policy will attract unnecessary attention from the company,” said one dissatisfied employee.

“This policy will also help employees to play safely and their future can be saved,” commented COO of the another IT company.  Industries are planning to benchmark the best practices and hopefully other companies will also follow the TP IT Ltd.

Experts say that introduction of new law on sexual harassment is the trigger for implementing this policy. It also shows that company cares about their employees and want to have everything in black and white. “The beauty of this is that the policy does not differentiates between hierarchies and is applicable to all,” one female employee told us.

We have the copy of the policy.

Office Romance Policy


To regulate the romance at workplace and ensure that it does not affect the productivity of the company.

To ensure that the company and employees should not enter unnecessarily into legal hassle in future.


This policy is applicable to all employees, (male & female, bosses, subordinate) irrespective of their sexual orientation. (Either straight, gay or lesbian)


1)  Romance: It is intimate gesture (& posture) by two living animals. (Either by male & female, male & male, female & female.) It includes activities like speaking, chatting, and making eye contact with each other. It also includes very intimate gestures and postures which may or may not be objectionable by others.

2)  Romancing couple: Anybody who is into the romancing relationship as mentioned in the scope of this policy.

3)  Office: The place or premise where you come for work, for which you are hired.

4)  Office Romance/relationship: Romance or relationship of couple in office.

Implementing Guidelines:

1)  Romance is a personal matter & choice, however romance in office is an official matter and will be dealt with guidelines issued under this policy.

2)  Any employee can have their choice to be in romantic relationship. However an individual will be responsible for any consequences (including marriages) of the relationship.

3)  Every employee who has completed six month with the company is eligible for the benefits of this policy.

4)  There are three kinds of romances.

a)  Hierarchical romances in which one participant directly reports to the other.

b)  Utilitarian romances in which one participant satisfies personal/sexual needs in exchange for satisfying the other participant’s task related and/or career-related needs.

c)  Pure romance where the participants are purely into a relationship on emotional bonding. Type a &  b should be strictly avoided. In case of “a”, one participant will be transferred to other department or will be separated if the company is unable to accommodate the person.

5)  If you would like to have into the office romance relationship, please communicate jointly to HR with prescribed format. You have to mention all the details like marital status, age, no of attempt, no of affairs etc. For married employees, they have to submit the no objection certificate of their spouse. Divorcee and widow have to submit the relevant proof like court order or death certificate of spouse as case may be.

6)   Once the application is received to HR, HR will verify all the records and if required conduct the verifications through third party. Once the verifications are completed, the proposal will be recommended to the committee, constituted for this purpose. The committee will constitute of HR Head, Two Senior Female offices and immediate superior of applicants. Once the matter is cleared by the committee, the matter will be referred to committee constituted under Sexual Harassment (Prevention) Committee (SHPC). SHPC will study the proposal. It will also verify all the dimensions like if the relationship ends due to any other reasons (excluding marriage), will one of the person could take a stand of the sexual harassment. SHPC will issue separate guidelines regarding how to avoid sexual harassment cases if any unfortunate separation happens and one participant files the case against other participant.

7)   HR department will communicate participants. Then only they can formally start office romance.

8)   Please ensure following once you get an approval of romance.

Keep the relationship private and discreet until you are ready to publicly announce that you are a couple.

Behave discreetly in the workplace. Keep public displays of affection off limits at work.

Limit the number of people at work with whom you share this confidential information.

If your position and responsibilities require you to work together, attend the same meetings, and so on, behave professionally at all times. You are encouraged to be yourself, maintain and speak your continuing opinions, exhibit the same skills, and conduct yourself in the same manner as you did prior to the relationship.

Discuss, as a couple, the potential impact of your relationship on your work.

Still if you can not manage you can romance without hurting others’ feelings.

You are allowed to romance during lunch, coffee breaks only.

No additional benefits will be given.

Very Very intimate gestures & postures are not allowed in office.

We do not have romance or dating allowance. However if you get married the company will give you a handsome gift.

Management has the sole right to withdraw the policy without any reasons.

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