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Comic writer laughs first time while composing an article on Rahul Gandhi's speech

28, Nov 2013 By Manish Aneja

Sagar: In an another unnatural incident in north-central India, a 37 year old comic article writer laughed for the first time in his adolescent age while trying to write about Rahul Gandhi’s delivered speech.

A mob of around 500 supporters in Rahul Gandhi’s grand rally was the first recent unnatural event though, as rally organizers never expected such a large number in his rally.

And it was perhaps the first time when a comic writer spotted laughing unintentionally, otherwise this breed practice laughing when they read their own publishing. The comic writer named Hansmukh(smiling face) always fabricates an ugly mood but he is professionally a comic writer.

According to his cousin Parmanand, he is believed to be inspired by Rahul Gandhi. We always found Rahul Gandhi in frenzied mood when he is in public, but gives our society an excuse to laugh madly after his speeches, so do my cousin in his articles, the other cousin said. Earlier my family stuck to TV for watching “Comedy nights with kapil” but now its only live and re-telecast of RG’s speeches.

While we inspected the reason of why the comic writer’s display is crappy looking, the cousin(Parmanand) revealed about the heart broken story of his cousin(Hansmukh). After breakup with his 8thclass girlfriend, he was broke down and brainless in his studies, so he started writing break up songs until he got next girlfriend and jumped in the profession of writing after 33 days of experience in lyrics composition. His cousin also revealed that once Hansmukh was a fan of Rahul Gandhi, since that time he had have been writing for him and grown as an ugly faced man.

Since, recent Rahul Gandhi’s speeches are already humorous and enough comical that Hansmukh could not use his own creativity of comical writing while composing an article on RG. I believe that Hansmukh laughed unknowingly out of asynesia after he tried writing something laughable which was already ultra laughable. He might have found himself unemployed if this continued and laughed when his job loss phobia reached saturation.

Nevertheless, It is hard to believe that my cousin laughed, our family is much happy with the incident and grateful to Sonia Gandhi who procreated junior Gandhi.

On other hand, opposition party in the taluk has been accusing Sonia and Rahul for making people cry due to inflation, corruption and price-rise, and opposed the move of making people temporarily happy only through speeches and rallies which is a common practice by the leading party.