Friday, 23rd February, 2018

College fame fails to lure students

19, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Reality in regard to the government schools is very shocking. The decreasing trend towards admission to every new academic year is the most disturbing factor. Where the classes used to run in two changed shifts now bewails at the running of one shift properly. Teachers are on the agitation path and perky towards stir for their various demands. The students appear to be not accepting such teachers and that’s why they are diverting from the schools.

Despite better past performance of Ganesh Shanker Vidyarthi College in Pandunagar area here, the admission seekers are closing their eyes to this educational institution. Once produced men of high calibre particularly in the medical field and the defence ministry, this college approaches the guardians for sending their wards. What an odd situation has developed at present! The teachers have no students to teach. They are either taking the weight off their feet in the class gaping at the dowdy blackboard or passing time under the shade of the tree.

What more could be disturbing than seeing the scant numbers of students in the classes? How distressing it is to find that there is a total of 117 students in the school. Set up in the year of 1964 this school runs on the state government’s financial kindness but eventually weeping blood in anguish over non-availability of the students in adequate numbers. There was a time when classes from 6 to 9 were conducted in the morning shift and the higher classes were arranging in the daytime.

It is about the past one and a half decade the school has been running in one shift. The parents’ confidence seems to have dwindled completely and that’s why there is a paucity of students. We are hankering after qualitative education and that feature may not be viable thereby keeping the admission seekers far from this older learning centre.