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Colgate credits MMS for its soaring sales, offers five years free supply in return

22, Aug 2013 By Myopic Visionary

The Indian oral healthcare market, for long has experienced a bitter rivalry between the two formidable global players Colgate and Pepsodent.

Enter P&G’s Oral-B with its new product line of toothpaste and the market analysts sat up to analyse whether this move is going to trifurcate the market between these three brands. But hold on your horses, for there are more up the sleeves than just reading between the lines.

Recent report from global market research agency FakeMySearch LLC has confirmed that over the past 3-4 months, the sale of Colgate in India has soared faster than the sale of Viagra in USA (considering the fact that every 10th Indian brushes their teeth at least twice a week, while every second American uses Viagra at least twice a day).

At this pace, Colgate has not only left Pepsodent miles behind in sales, but have ensured that the market for Oral-B dries out, even before it could generate any revenues.

Our business bureau spoke with Mr. Debraj Roy, the brand head of Colgate to know in detail their secret recipe for such a remarkable feat. Speaking to us, Mr. Roy proudly said, “Of course Colgate is a stronger brand than any of its competitors, globally. But saying so, I should not take away the credit that is due to India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh.”

Surprising, as it sounded, we tried to dig in further, “Over the past 3-4 months, almost every other day, every Indian newspaper has promoted our brand free of cost. Add to this the hours of TV telecast of our brand, once again free of cost.”

Seeing our team gaping in disbelief, he added, “Ever since the Coalgate scam happened, we have received unwanted publicity across the country. Our PR team suggests that there have been over 334,521 mentions of Coalgate in print and electronic media, 182,367 tweets and over 50,000 Facebook and other social media posts.

People got used to listening to this word day in day out. This increased our brand visibility, thereby pushing the brand’s demand multifold, which has reflected in the sales.”

As a return gift, the company has decided to present the Prime Minister with five years free supply of Colgate oral health products. They have although requested the Prime Minister to stretch the Coalgate fiasco a little longer, so that the company can, in the next couple of months, consolidate its position further and monopolize the Indian market completely.