Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Cold water is hot haze on sizzling road

16, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: “Arey kya kahu pahley to mein paani pi pi ke Kosna meri aadat thhee. Ab to sadak per chaltey chaltey baateein karne ko mann hi nahi karta. Darr laga rehta hai, kehin pyass na lag jaye. Phir to museebat hogi,” said Tarrannum to her neighbour Shagufta. Azra, their third neighbour was continuously laughing at this reaction.Such conversation continues in the absence of public piau on the road. If one tries to satiate one’s thirst instantly passing through the roads, the cold water is seldom noticeable. If one does not possess a thermos containing the cold water, one is compelled to drink the hot water. There is no facility of the water cooler on all along the way. In the summer season, one observes complete caution in disdainful remarks at anyone because of the paucity of the drinking water. Hell’s perpetual fire forbids such spontaneous habit during hotter summer.

When there is not enough water in the Ganges, how can one possibly do this severe mistake? Even the plains are representing an inclusive picture of the waterless land. This is apparently clear from the river’s arid stream passing eastwards. So, both the plains and the rivers are presenting equivalent condition.

The private-public partnership plan can coordinate the drinking water facility for the people during the hot season. But neither the civic bodies nor the corporators are pondering over this point in the ongoing summer. Was this scheme not available for resolving the drinking water problem? Are civic bodies not taking up the persisting problem as a major issue? The municipal authorities seem to have even forgotten its traditional piau facility. If the civic bodies managed arrangements earlier, what is the difficulty to continue presently? The roads are definitely looking like arid wasteland or sandy deserted land in this hot humid weather.

But who genuinely cares?  When the daily temperature is crossing all the past records, the drinking water facility becomes more important. The lengthy roads really turn into a desert in the scorching heat. There is only unbearable sunshine and trees’ shadow is also absent. Constant cutting of the green trees along the roads and highways has snatched trees’ shades from us. We are bound to move on the sizzling road’s barren length. We desolately feel like striding out on the waterless roads and gaining facility of the speedy drive only.

If one anyhow happens to trace the cold water, it gives the feeling of finding drinking water in the sandy desert. The sight of water is a mirage for the road users under the blazing sun. At present, our welfare-oriented politicians do not follow the age-old proverb, “Neki Kar Dariya Mein Daal”. They make much publicity of their generous benevolent works but avoid considering the basic common needs. They can proficiently manage the modern-day electric operated water coolers on the public spots if they think positively in that helpful way.

Sometimes the water pouches’ sale remained at the uppermost consideration. That’s why the public water stalls are negligible. “How nice if simpler arrangements should come in the way?” longed the people. Every common man has democratic right to avail the facility of cold drinking water at least in this sweltering heat. The civic body is failing to install water coolers on the roads. There is urgent need of this vital facility.