Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Coins dominate over paper currency

30, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What is the efficacy of numerous currency notes if various denominations are available? With the clear-cut denial of any proposal to reintroduce the banned one thousand rupee currency note the misconception pervading since the past weeks has been cleared at last. Our government is abler enough to understand the people’s needs. It knows ably well what denominations are most suited to them though it has set its formula.

Though the newly circulated currency note of two-hundred rupee has not reached the common hands there is a keenness among the people to see the bill. There used to be a two-rupee note in the past days but now we have been witnessing only the coin with that denomination. This is modern times of coins when the antique coins are reported to be tagged with unbelievable value. This is learnt about a silver coin once circulated in the holy city of Medina of Saudi Arabia. Old is always gold which is more manifesting with the worth of that particular coin. It was reported in the news that its certain features draw the attention of the coin seekers.

When the opulent Sheikhs of those middle-east countries come to know of the special coin they would certainly look forward to owning it. There might be scant coins of such worth but its demand persists like every old item. The man possessing this very old coin must be thanking his grandfather for giving him such a priceless coin. It is like entering into the cave where once Alibaba entered or like securing Aladin Ka Chirag. That coin used to be circulated in that part of Arab where now the paper currency is used. It is owing to this reason that the coin came into hands of those people who visited there in those earlier days.