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COCKTAIL: DESI DAARU in BOROSIL GLASS with geometry of a love triangle

16, Sep 2012 By mradulkapoor

COCKTAIL: DESI DAARU in BOROSIL GLASS with geometry of a love triangle,

ABOUT: Time and again, Bollywood ensures you are dragged to the movie with its peppy trailers; Cocktail is one of them, it is about 3 friends, of whom each, falls in love with one another and the audience in movie hall suffer because of their MAATAR GAASTI; Its lacks that getting high factor that the promotion team has created pre-release of the flick.

STARCAST: Debutant Diana Penty is good, and if we need to compare from all other protagonist, she wins the race.

During first half, Deepika Padukone looks like a VAMPIRE and in second she takes up Indian avatar, though continue her expressionless screen show. Saif Ali Khan is an overacted fellow in the film, looks as if he is trying to sell ‘paratha’ labeling it a ‘pizza’. Boman Irani and Dimple Khanna are awesome, though they have very small roles. What’s GOOD : Trendy music, trendy fashion, trendy plots and trendy urban setting….MUSIC is what which keeps you away from PARACETAMOL

What’s BAD: The biggest flaw in this movie was the Editing & Screenplay and they didn’t even care to put any background score, Lack of comic scene, ultra stretched story, same old bollywood formula.

VERDICT: Meeri BAND BAAJA DI…..ohh Baand Baaja dii… meerii jaawani key 2.5 hours ki BAND BAAJA DI Rum, whisky, beer,…desi daaru, thaaraa… sab peeney sey LIVER kharab hota haii…. waisey hi COKTAIL dekhney sey, samay kharab hota haii…

Should I Watch? : If you are aiming for ‘RED & WHITE BRAVERY’ award. If not, wait for the TV airing. Or Go see Cocktail with your closest friends. It will definitely strengthen the bond.