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Cockroach dies immediately after eating the food served by IRCTC, Maneka Gandhi to raise this issue in parliament

06, Aug 2014 By dasu

Railway authorities have fined IRCTC one lakh rupees as one dead cockroach was found in the food served in Rajdhani express. Now IRCTC is investigating to check whether the food quality has come down so much that cockroaches are not able to handle it?

“At your service”

This is surprising for IRCTC as fellow passengers do not have any objection. Few passengers told them, the food tastes better and seems more hygienic than what is served in their hostels or IT parks!

As per the preliminary report of IRCTC food testing lab, it seems the immune system of the cockroaches are going down year on year. With so much rush in the train, cockroaches are not getting adequate rest. Another observation from the report is, people are throwing too much food as waste due to which cockroaches are over eating.

Railway ministry has taken this seriously and have come up with a new circular. If any caterer is found committing the same mistake 5 times, then his license will be revoked. But Maneka Gandhi has serious objection to this. She tells parliament we cannot afford 5 cockroaches to sacrifice their life for one catering license.

Government believes the only solution to this problem is in serving pre-cooked food to passengers. It has directed all companies that is going to serve pre-cooked food to make sure all dead cockroaches are removed before it reaches the passengers.

Railway authorities have also told IRCTC to serve as less quantity as possible so that much is not left in the plate for cockroaches to binge and grow their population. Government is also exploring various options to find a way so that at least relatively healthy cockroaches can travel in premium trains.