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Coal India chairman says "Bas kar pagle, rulayega kya"

01, Nov 2013 By coalindian

After a long struggle, it came as a wonderful surprise to frustrated Coal India officers when their Chairman said “Bas kar pagle, rulayega kya?” What turned out to become a complete Indian telly soap type, electrifying,  emotional drama, started as a simple Officers Association meeting. On conditions of remaining anonymous, an insider has narrated the whole story exclusively for FN network.

The meeting started as a routine one, people discussing how much TA DA would they be able to claim for this meeting and where should they organize next meeting so the Committee members could claim higher allowances and/or give their family the promised vacation under the disguise of attending the meeting, on company expense.

People were distracted when one of the officials started cursing and shouting. Turns out, one young executive had posted on Facebook about committing suicide if this meeting too ends without a result. What followed next was a YouTube link  showing him on a ledge, a rope around his neck and his body tattooed with his demands, like Amir Khan of Ghajini.

The young boy is an IIT Graduate. He mentioned in the video that he was promised a package of 13 Lakhs PA due to which he chose Coal India over some other company his friend chose which was offering 12LPA. Though his friend is getting Rs. 80,000, this chap is getting only Rs. 30,000. Puzzled thoroughly as he was, thinking how Rs. 30,000 per month could add up to Rs. 13 Lakhs in a year, he got to know about the term “PRP” which compelled him to take this brave, laudable and illegal step.

Legend has it that “PRP- Performance Related Pay” was an ingenious idea on part of the Coal Mammoth’s think tank, to devoid its hard working Officers of any incentive/bonus. The scheme is meant to pay officers a lump sum amount related to their basic pay and their performance during a year as a token of appreciation for their hard work. The scheme, since its inception, was categorized as “disputed” and was put on “hold” since 2009. It is to be noted that the officers staged a nationwide protest to get this long awaited pay and threatening to go on a One day strike. But as it turns out, working members of Association took back the strike without giving any reasons. Though some members swear they got a message saying “April fool banaya, bada maza aaya!” The very next day, Coal India announced a bonus of Rs. 34,000 each for rest of the employees as bonus for achieving targets. Officers again got a message from their association leaders saying “It is my pleasure to announce that since you were not a significant part of the company for the last year and the company reached its goal without your contributions, you will not be receiving any bonus

The “Boy on ledge” issue was urgently reported to the Top Boss of the company who had a talk with the boy. The boy said- “Sir when i come home from office, my wife asks me to take off my shoes and undress right at the door  itself. Not because we are newly wed, no sir, but because i am covered in Coal from head to toe. I eat coal dust for lunch, dinner and breakfast. Sir, i don’t remember when was the last time i/my family saw a city for i was always posted too far from civilization as my work profile demands. My neighbor’s kid asked me – “Do TRAINS really exist as they show on TV or they are just fiction like Ben10 and Santa Claus”. Temperature range at my workplace varies from 2 degrees to 54 degree Celsius and humidity level on plus side of 300%. Still, i am the least paid creature around here, earning less than even my peon and sweeper. My staff mocks me by telling me that they got bonus for helping the company achieve the target, asking me why did i not do my bit in company achieving its target. Sir, would you like your son to work for the company you are running?” By this time, it is said that the BOSS was already in tears. Sobbing, he asked-“Aur batao beta” to which the boy replied- “aur bas…sab changa, ekdum mata rani ki kripa hai, aap sunao?”.

Moved by this incidence, Top Boss has said he will “look into the matter seriously this time”.

Boy was off the ledge and safe when this report was being written.  Asaram Bapu promised the kid a private lesson in spirituality when he comes out of jail. Rahul Gandhi has asked the kid not to be afraid, he will get killed anyways. Shahrukh khan and Rohit Shetty have promised to take him as lead actor in their next joint venture while Akshay Kumar said “Boss, hai laakhon ka sikka Boss”. Kapil sharma offered the kid his signature “baba ji ka thullu” saying this is what he will get ultimately amid all promises.