Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Coal-gate-Active Coal”, the new toothpaste of Colgate Palmolive India Limited is soon going to hit the Indian market.

16, Sep 2012 By Rekha Joshi

Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited is reputed one in India by their most famous brand Colgate toothpaste. Interactive marketing is very necessary in the field of advertisement & people always like to see something new in advertisement. Considering all these factors Vice president of Colgate India decided to make change in the advertisement & also thought to change the brand name or to launch a new product. On Sunday morning as he was watching the news on television about the protest on coal-gate by Arvind kejriwal, a new idea cropped up in his mind. He thought why not to change the name of Colgate toothpaste to Coal-gate. . At least till the next election market can go up & next govt. will be careful not to do such scam. That way it can even support anti-corruption movement too.

Next day he immediately called up the board meeting. Everybody agreed and decided to go ahead but one of them suggested something new. He suggested “why not to launch a new product & name it Coal-gate- Active Coal, It might sound strange but coal can really whiten the teeth & result can be superb with some scientific facts. If we have Colgate-Active Salt toothpaste, why not active-coal too”. Everybody agreed on launching this new product.

Then they approached the advertisement section. It was suggested to make the Anna a brand ambassador for this new product. They went to Anna & requested to act in the Coal-gate Total Coal advertisement. Anna said, Mein bahut khush hu ki aap bhi hamari anti corruption movement mein part le rahe hai, magar ye advertisement mein nahi kar sakta, kyuki mere daat hi nahi. Advertisement team requested, “So what Annaji, we will provide you a good quality of denture”. Anna replied, dekhiye mein Gandhiwadi hu, mein jooth nahi bol sakta. Aap ko meri yeh salah hai ki aap Arvind se yeh advertisement kara lo. Arvind se mein abhi phone karta hu. Then he called up Arvind & Arvind agreed.

Next day advertisement team went to Arvind. Arvind said, “I wanted to see & experience your product first, kahi ismein bhi toh ghotala nahi”. Then he experimented the product & agreed.

Next day shooting started. The scene was like this. Arvind kejriwal & his team members like Vishwas, Manish Sisodia & others are walking on the road early morning brushing their teeth with Coal-gate-Total Coal toothpaste & police team comes there & arrests them. Arvind says, rookko, hamey kyu pakad rahe ho, hum Manmohan Singh ya Soniya ke ghar nahi jaa raha hein, hum toh sirf saath mil ke brush kar rahe hein, Coal-gate-Total Coal toothpaste ke saath. Kya iss desh mein brush karna bhi goonah hein, yeh sarkar shanti se brush bhi nahi karney deti. Yeh lokshahi hein ya tanashahi? Mein Manmohanji se aur Soniaji se poochhna chahta hu ki kya aap brush nahi kartey? Kya BJP members brush nahi kartey? Aap aisa kyu kar rahe hein? Kya aap ke masudo mein takleef hein? Mujhe lagta hein ki aap ke toothpaste mein koyla nahi hein, sirf ghotaley mein hi koyla hein.Mein kaheta hu ki aap bhi meri taraah Coal-gate -Total Coal isteymaal kijiye, haa Coalgate Total Coal mein hai koyla. Coal-gate -Total Coal ka anokha formula andekehe kitanoo ko hataye, taaki daat baney jad se mazboot. Koyla ka oopyog sirf daat ke liye hi karo, ghotaley ke liye nahi.