Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

City cab driver gets a spicy ride

22, Jun 2017 By Venugopal Sampathkumar
In a dramatic, yet mildly relieving departure from the kind of horror stories that make the headlines, a radio cab driver claims he was assaulted by a female passenger last night in Chennai. At 11:00 PM, Bunty (names altered on request), a regular face in Adyar-ECR cab circles, picked up Navya a 31 year-old female passenger for a drop to Neelankarai. “We were just crossing the a half-way point” Bunty recalls, his eyes as red as cherries from Shimla. “That’s when it happened. I made a left turn and the next thing I know, I felt something on my face and my eyes started burning like crazy”. Bystanders claim to have heard a screech followed by loud wailing and shrieking not unlike a female voice (sic).
Rushing to the stopped car, they found Bunty screaming for help, his face covered in red. “It was chilli powder mixed with water” explains Navya. “I didn’t know why he was turning left when he could have gone straight. Can you really blame me if I said one can’t take too many chances these days?” she said.
Bunty, almost hurtfully, said “I had taken this route earlier today and the road up ahead was closed for maintenance” when he was questioned about the odd turn. “I have an exemplary record, ask anyone. One lady even gave me a badhushah last week to thank me for my safe driving” he added, proudly displaying his 5.97/6 doober rating to anyone who was looking. “Do we really want to punish our women for putting safety first?” thundered Mr Vimal, Navya’s father. “Let doober promise 100% safety and then I will ask my daughter to apologise. Why didn’t he tell her about the diversion before he took the turn?” he asked, quite logically one might add.