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China surrenders to India in Doklam war

21, Aug 2017 By MrIndia

The Indian Army scored a major victory in the Doklam war at Bhutan. The Chinese army surrendered unconditionally. The masterstroke by India left the Chinese hapless.

At the flag meeting Chinese comrade General Lee Dong fell before the Indian counterpart Major Mahadev Husain. Lee Dong begged “please don’t throw stones at us anymore! We give up!”

The Indian Army’s strategy worked perfectly. They transported school students from Jammu & Kashmir to Doklam. The young world champions in stone throwing went unchallenged by the dragon forces.

Current situation
Current situation

This was a win-win for India. J&K students were rewarded for stone throwing. Kashmir became peaceful. China gave up. Bhutan sighed a relief. None of our Indian soldiers were hurt. No bombing!

There were also losers in this war. The Indian media like, NDTV, Mirror Now and The Hindu who were beating the drums of war, were highly disappointed. The Chinese media took a vacation since they could not report a defeat.

Bhutan will erect a stone monument to commemorate this victory. India will pardon the comrades and release them. They will head to another war in south china sea. Meanwhile, North Korea declared that it can throw stone all the way to Seattle. However, Kim Jong didn’t give any proof for that. American President Donald Trump scorned at Kim “Our citizens are always stoned; we don’t need outsiders”.

Indian government downplayed the army’s success. Tax minister Arun Jaitley said “there is no GST gain; hence nothing great to celebrate”. Member of Parliament Amit Shah claimed “this could fetch us the election in Tamil Nadu”. PM Modi promised to inspect the Indo-China border by revisiting America.