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China shoots down Indian spy drones in Chinese airspace

29, Jul 2013 By vini

China has shot down 2 Indian drones it claims were spying over their airspace. Claiming that they were just playing the tit for tat game and meant no harm, Indian Air Force claimed that the Indian Army has detected Chinese drones in their airspace and decided to return in kind.

What is more shocking is that Indian forces were given a free hand. In a first, the Indian armed forces were given a free hand by MMS to improve his lethargic, ineffective image and ordered the Indian Air Force to match any hostilities by China.

The story, it turns out, is as bizarre as it gets.

Indian Army has been tracking UFOs believing them to be some stealth drones from China. The Indian Army is so low on self confidence and wary of China’s prowess that it believed it was some magical new technical advancement that evaded their radars.

Subramaniam Swamy has raised the question of Indian Army not being given the best equipment while the UPA government has been trying to buy votes through a humongous welfare scheme.

It turns out the radars could not detect them because they were a few million KMs, too far for their range. The Indian Army had been diligently tracking threats not from from China but the planets Jupiter and Venus.

This new information brought by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore has shut Swamy up for the first time ever. Digvijay Singh has now claimed MMS took a rash decision in attacking China and has claimed that MMS though a great PM is now past his prime as proven by his faux pas. He beamed that it is time for Rahul baba to save us from China now by sitting on the PM chair.

The bickering over this continues with BJP saying that congress has repeated the Nehru legacy and brought India within striking distance of another war with China. Aam Aadmi is sure of the result and is more worried today of the new taxes this war would bring.