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Children take inspiration from Smriti Irani and quit higher education

31, May 2014 By amar63

Many youngsters who just passed Class 12 examination have taken inspiration from the new HRD minister Ms.Irani and said good bye to higher education.

As our readers may know, Ms.Irani had dropped out of school after class 12 and started working in a McDonald’s fast food outlet, and then participated in Ms.India contest and then went onto act in TV serials.

Inspired by her
Inspired by her

Many of these youngsters who have decided to call it quits with education , instead, have applied for work at McDonald’s.Responding to a telephonic inquiry , a McDonald representative indeed confirmed to Fake News correspondent that there has been an unprecedented rush in number of applications from teenagers.Our correspondent also spoke to some current workers at McDonald who have been with McDonald for several years now.They all were a proud lot basking in the new found glory.They see for themselves a bright future ahead.

Some of the girls have actually been grooming themselves for beauty pageant and planning to participate in Miss India contest.Others have decided instead to train in acting so that they can act in TV serials. Participation is beauty contest is being no longer considered a pursuit of beautiful but dumb girls.

We interviewed a bright student who just passed the class 12 examinations with 99.999 percent.She said that she wants to cover all the bases and leave nothing to chance.Hence , she plans to first work at McDonald , then contest in Ms.India Beauty contest and finally she will start acting and do everything just like Ms.Irani.She said her parents have been very supportive of her decision.

We talked parents of some of the other children who have taken similar decision.The parents seemed somewhat confused.While they normally would have never let their young children serve burgers at McDonald, and instead made them pursue higher  studies, now they are wondering if that is the right choice, considering how well Ms.Irani has done for herself.

The NCERT curriculum committee meanwhile has decided to introduce a chapter on Smriti Irani for class 10 students , so that children who want to start early can consider quitting at class 10 itself.