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Child doesn't get "Kitne marks aaye" call from relatives after results, parents worried

13, Sep 2014 By Aparna Upadhyay

“No calls”

Lucknow. In an unusual turn of events,a family in Lucknow practically spent a week in front of their phone just for “kitne marks aaye” calls from their relatives. Says Ramesh Agarwal, “We were expecting at least 10-15 calls like every year when the annual results are announced in the school.Much to our disappointment, no one called at our house this time though our son Samrat Agarwal secured 96.67% in eleventh standard.Even at my workplace people didn’t bother to ask my son’s grades.I guess people are losing interest in important things these days.”

Samrat who aims to join the engineering profession and is a student of DPS (Depressed and pestered students)after his 12th standard was disheartened by the fact that no one called him to ask about his scores and claimed that this might have been a result of his cousin scoring better than him. He adds, “My uncle’s daughter Pinki scoring 95.54% might have been the reason of lesser calls this year. Last year I had scored 91.1% and all my relatives had called at my house. This also pushed me to work hard for this year. I will make sure that I get more number of calls the next year.”

His mother who tried her extra bit by updating a status on Facebook mentioning about her son’s percentage is sad about the number of comments. “Such comments/likes and phone calls make us happy and make us popular in our community. Nevertless,my husband and I will now push our son for scoring better next year to break Pinky’s this year’s record,” she ended with  a smile.

Meanwhile, Pinky’s parents were seen upset as they expected her name in the local newspaper which was absent.