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Chetan Bhagat will soon write his autobiography titled "Half Author"

01, Sep 2014 By Gaurav Mittal

Chetan Bhagat will soon write his autobiography titled “Half-author”. This announcement came on Twitter when Chetan tweeted at midnight,  “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps,  Chetan awakes to life and freedom and has started writing his autobiography half-author.”

Chetan Bhagat
“Yes, I can”

Sometime back he had announced that his next book titled “Half-girlfriend” was ready to hit bookshelf. Thus,  soon we will have two back to back half books from Chetan.

In five minutes, Chetan Bhagat was trending on Twitter and was answering tweets that were coming his way.

Neha, who has written “Chetan’s biggest fan” in her bio asked Chetan, “What is the reason of calling yourself Half-author ?” Chetan replied, “I always have a number in my book title such as 5 point someone, 2 states, 3 mistakes of my life and so on. This is similar to Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps titles starting with letter ‘K’ and Karan Johar’s movie titles starting with letter ‘K’. I am a celebrity and entertainer too and we need to have such eccentricity and trademark.”

Neha loved this response from Chetan and responded, “I love you.”

Varun, who has written “a budding author” in his bio  asked him, “We all know about your life through your books then what is the need of an autobiography? Chetan remarked, “But no one knows I am a half author.”

Varun responded,  “Why an autobiography so soon? Usually people wait to write autobiography till they get old”. To this Chetan replied, “Thanks for acknowledging that I am young. Actually, I have not done a sequel to any of my books and all famous books have sequel for example Harry potter books. So I may write a sequel of my autobiography titled Author 1.0 after 10 years.”

As usual Chetan’s trolls were seen having a good time. One of them wrote him, “May be an half actor like Salman Khan will act in Bollywood adaptation of Half author.”