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Cheetan Bhaagat becomes an idol of social changes

08, Oct 2014 By anuranjan

Patna: The newly published Cheetan Bhaagat’s (CB) novel “1/2 Girlfriend’s” has become a new craze in the city. “It’s bringing change in our society, our society bole to Bihari society,” said Ranjan, a Bihar student in +2. He told the F## News that the book is intensely awesome and inspiring.

The students in the city, particularly those from sports quota, are seeing a ray of hope that they can also get admission in big colleges such as Stepheens. One more student Madhavan Jha was very glad to find his name in the book. He happily told our correspondent that it might be a coincidence and nothing from the story line has any connection with his life but he was happy to find his name in the book.

Shailesh who has just applied in a famous Delhi college seemed quite enthusiast. He told however his English is too bad but after reading the book he is hopeful that he will get admission in the college. He is also expecting some Riya Somani in his life. Raman has another reason to cheer up. He told that learning English has become fun CB’s novel. It’s as easy as kissing a girl. Now every boy in the state will learn English as well as kissing a girl.

The Principal of Royal School of Ghabrao, Sri Chandrashekhar Prasad, has conveyed special thanks to CB for his true envision of the pathetic situation of toilet in the school in the state. He also put emphasis on the fact that the principal motivator of Shublabh International is from the state only but the school have never been benefited unfortunately. A youth leader of the state has asserted that in a time when whole country is behind the sanitation issue and the Prime Minster is himself taking cognizance of the making of toilets in the schools, the mention of the condition of toilets in a school is in fact sone pe suhaga (icing on the cake). He told that the imagination (read: envisage) of the writer is remarkable and timely and going to change the country in many a ways.

Meanwhile the team of the F## News also visited Stepheens in Delhi. The students as well as the professors did not seem to be very enthusiast about the release of the book. Prof. Praduman Agnihotri , on the condition of anonymity, told the F## News that even though Mr. CB is his good friend but he is not quite disappointed with this book. The main reason for his disappointment is that the protagonist was not able to learn English even he was there for three years in the campus , he asserted. When he was asked whose fault was this. Prof. X (we cannot reveal the name) refused to accept that it was the fault of the education provided by the college as Mr. Madhavan (in the novel) was suffering from acute depression after his ½ break up.

In the meantime, the news from Patna is coming that Verma Sir, the teacher who taught English to Madhavan Jha in Patna’s Pride, is real and his tuition business is flourishing like anything after the release of the book.

Note: The F## News is not taking any guarantee for the correctness of tense, voice and narration ( the trilogy of grammar in Bihar) of the correspondent.