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Chandigarh becomes first city to install traffic light system for safe passage of stray dogs while crossing road

21, Oct 2014 By Golden Tooth

Chandigarh: In a unique experiment, arguably the first in the country, the Chandigarh Traffic Department today unveiled Traffic light system for safe passage of stray dogs while crossing the roads whose number has spiraled in the past few years in the city. The decision came in the backdrop of the apparent inability of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation to control the Dog menace in the city.

Street Dog
Dog reacting to development.

Speaking to Faking News, Sushil Gupta, the head of the Chandigarh Traffic Department said, ”We saw that the number of stray dogs were rising year by year, and our effort to control their population proved not to be as effective as it ideally must have. The rule of administration says, if you can’t control something, just focus on managing it. So we begin with carpeting pedestrian tracks along the road, which, although initially was meant for people, later started being utilized more by the stray dogs, perhaps because the stray dogs outnumber the people who choose to walk on foot in Chandigarh. But  that didn’t solve the problem completely. The dogs were causing problems while crossing the road, causing many accidents. So we thought something must be done traffic for ensuring a safe passage for the dogs while crossing the roads. A committee was constituted henceforth to look for a solution”

The Idea and Design of the Traffic lights were conceived by a special committee which had representation from the Animal Husbandry Department, Engineering Department, Animal Rights activists and stray dog community. After several rounds of meeting, a green light flashing a bone shape was decided as the final design.

“We tried the design by putting sand on one side of the roads and a traffic light on the other side.. The dogs would sit on the sand as they usually enjoy doing so. The sand ensured that the dogs wouldn’t randomly approach the traffic light posts, but in a straight line at the Zebra Crossing. When the traffic light turns green [Flashing a Bone], the vehicles would stop, and the dogs would leap towards the traffic post in a straight line on the zebra crossing. The experiment was largely successful, although with a minor problem. Some dogs get pissed off when the Traffic lights turn off, and urinate on the Traffic light post,” revealed Pappu engineer, who headed the expert committee.

The unique experiment comes as a respite to Chandigarh residents who have to curtail their speeds on the beautiful roads which once inspired the usually slothful ex-PM Manmohan Singh to test his vehicles at maximum speed in his days of youth.

Meanwhile, Dog Vijay, the official spokesdog of the Gangs of Stray Dogs of Chandigarh barked in a unique monosyllabic pattern, which our interpreter said, apparently means “Thank you”.

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