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Chakhna providers in Kerala demand compensation before prohibition

25, Aug 2014 By khakshar

“God’s own Country” seems to be headed for strikes and dharnas  again though for different reasons this time.

The chakhna producers and providers have demanded enough compensation before prohibition is implemented in 2015.  Mr. R. MalluRajan the leader of Chakhna Provider Union lashed a fury of words hotter than the Chilly Pakoda served in Kerala.  “This gavernment is suu biased against people  that it can’t withstand their little pleazers . Why not implement the ban in 5 star hotels first.”

The debate on prohibition seems to have done the impossible. MNCs whose production facilities are always a source of strikes seem to fund this particular protest. They also fear drop in sales of chips, soda etc. “Prohibition has strange bed fellows,” said a hardcore ‘Red Rum addict’.  He also confided that his breed was facing extinction as in other parts of world. Youth seems to be more addicted to Orange colored drink called Aperol.

Another of the “Red Brigade” told that it was a political conspiracy. The present Government wants more son of soils to migrate from “God’s own Country”. He said with this ban more youth will migrate and the Ruling party will have to fight less against Incumbency effect in elections. Kerala has  highest per capita consumption of liquor in the country even more than bonhomie Punjabis.

Association of Alms Seekers is also a worried body. It’s members say that there will be a fall in donations. They argue that their maximum productivity is when the client is in mood in the late evening or in guilt, the next morning.