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Censor Board insists on anti-rape warnings after Babulal Gaur blames item songs for rapes

08, Jun 2014 By planetdeepak

Be prepared to read “Watching this song can cause you to commit rape” warning next time you see a ‘Sheela’ or a ‘Munni’ grooving on your screen.

Taking cognizance of Madhya Pradesh Home Mister Babulal Gaur’s comments that “item songs are responsible for increasing rapes in the country”, the Censor Board today, instructed filmmakers to put anti rape warning on all item songs. The Board made it clear that no film will receive its certificate without the warning.


A censor board official speaking on the new development said, “This is a big leap forward towards curbing the rape menace. The rape count is increasing every day. I tell you, rapes were very less when item songs were not there. We are glad that the Board is contributing towards this cause. Better late than never. ”

Asked how the Board plans to carry out this the official boasted, “This is not the first time that we are doing it. We had successfully implemented warnings on animal brutality for Menkaji and anti tobacco warnings for Ramadossji. Our staff is well experienced in handling this kind of work.  You see, animal brutality and cancer cases have reduced significantly in country due to our efforts. We are more than happy to do the same for rapes.”

The Information and Broadcasting Secretary told this reporter that “Babulal Gaur is an experienced leader and his opinion cannot be overlooked. Directives regarding the anti rape warning were immediately send to the Censor Board. In fact, putting rape warnings is just a preliminary step. We are looking forward to ban item songs completely from our movies. The ministry also proposes to replace item songs by 5 minute ‘No Rape documentaries’ at all such places where item songs were to appear in the films.”

The news of banning item songs has created ripples among all sections of the film industry. The item girls, song writers and choreographers will be the worst hit by the Ministry’s decision.

Interestingly, the decision to introduce documentaries was welcomed by the ‘Multiplex Caterers Association’ [MCA]. Commenting on the decision the MCA president said ,”The intermissions in multiplexes are very short and we cannot make good sales. With the ministry introducing this 5 minute ‘documissions’, our sales will increase significantly. However, we are also aware that all item girls will be out of job because of the ministry’s move.  We offer them to attend our stalls during these documissions and share the profits. It will be a ‘win-win’ situation for both of us”.

Meanwhile Mr. Bhatt tweeted, “Anti Rape Warnings for Item Songs!  Not Applicable for me. My films only have kissing scenes and no item songs 😉 ”. Emraan Hashmi re-tweeted this.