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CCD to tie up with Mid Day Meal Scheme after successfully introducing cockroaches in its store

30, Mar 2017 By sameer mahawar

Jaipur. The merger of Vodafone and Idea a week ago could possibly be succeeded by an another merger in the business industry where CCD is in talks with Government of India’s social welfare scheme for running the business jointly.

Couple of days ago, a video showing cockroaches in CCD’s outlet went viral. Customers cried for unhygienic conditions while the management had something else in its mind.

Some striking similarity
Some striking similarity

One of the Managers commented, “The Mid Day Meal Scheme is renowned for presence of lizards, cockroaches and other edible insects in the food it provides to the students. Both, CCD and Mid Day Meal Scheme will combine their similar areas of operations which would lead to synergy of business. We will also train staff to slap customers or the service receivers in case they complain against the quality of food provided.”

“We were eyeing this segment since past few weeks but weren’t getting any results. The best way to catch the eye of Indian public is to get viral on internet, positively or negatively. So we did the same and you can see the that we have bagged the contract with the Government”, added the Manager.

CCD may also rename itself as “Cockroach Coffee Day” if adequate amount of insects are found in the meals it will serve under the said scheme.