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CBSE 2050 - Cold War For Leaders

16, Sep 2012 By riyadatta95

New Delhi: 2012 CBSE Board has brought a revolution in the field of education in the last 8 years and more so ever since Mr. Kapil Birbal took the charge of HRD Ministry. 8 years ago…the board established the concept of what they say, is the so called “Stress Free Education”. In recent times with the introduction of CGPA and grading system in evaluating students of class IX and X…the new system indeed reduced a lot of stress…but of the teachers! While students were overloaded with loads of assignments, model making, projects after school and co-scholastic activities such as drama, debate, extempore, quiz, etc in school hours…teachers were found teaching even less than before in classes as day by day the NCERT books’ pages came out and finally were missing. Taking advantage of the situation…some lethargic teachers before coming to the class made it sure that their book had some pages missing. As with time these issues came to the limelight; Mr. Birbal, who is a self-proclaimed education enthusiast and revolutionary, decided to bring a revolution in the field of education once again! He took the pain (or rather its best to say that he gave the students the pain!) and directed the CBSE Board officials to make some changes in its pattern of evaluation! CBSE Board Chairman announced the board’s new pattern of marking and examination which they are expected to implement by 2050…! The Chairman said – “As it has been observed that NCERT books’ pages reduce in number due to it’s remarkable quality of printing…we found it’s best not to give much importance to books anymore…Our previous system gave 20% marks based on Co-scholastics and 80% for Scholastic, but we decided to revert the percentage based marks”.

The renewed system will provide the students the following marking scheme:

1. Percentage based marking – 20% scholastic, 80% Co-scholastic. 2. No pass-fail system but provision for minimum passing percentage – A student should get minimum 33% to qualify for higher education. The percentage will not be calculated based on any scholastic performance…A student has to have 33% attendance n 33% in Co-scholastics…both will be summed n the mean should be 33% which will account to 3.4 CGPA. 3. A student has 2 secure 72.5 out of 80 in co-scholastics in all fields to get CGPA 10. 4. Like the previous system…gradation will remain as usual but grades of scholastics will be taken into account (which was earlier taken from co-scholastics) 5. Earlier teachers gave grades on behavior and attitude of the students…as some teachers have been misusing this opportunity to take out their grievances on students they don’t like…the new system bans this and introduces a new concept of “student’s feedback”…It states that students can get themselves graded by fellow mates/teachers/other school teachers/other school students/the cook of their favorite fast food corner or waiters/anyone who passes by/their crush etc. Its similar to the previous system which provided them the choice to choose between school or board conducted examinations!

The above stated changes will be accompanied by certain other minor and major changes which will be announced in the next press conference by the Chairman… After this press release…students who joined CBSE schools for secondary education have started changing their schools! This situation has been criticized and condemned by the opposition party…the leader of opposition said to the press “Hamare Patol Babu iss baat ki ghoor ninda kiye hain…woh iss sthiti mein HRD ministry ko sambhaalna chahte hai”…on the other hand this new system didn’t yet state any reservation for the Dalits…This made Amul Dandi hold another press conference just to tear the pages of the proposed renewed system and he said “We want reservation….if not…I’m ready to leave all the relations with some UPA allies”…to which Mamataa said in her press meet “You are still a baby” and then she sent the song “jodi tor dak shune keo na aashe tobe akla cholo re” via an MMS to Amul Dandi. At the end of everything…we had a talk with a CBSE student who when asked how she feels about the present cold war situation between political leaders for the new system said “We students get less time to have fun…now a days we need to have a good general knowledge to get good grades…these people make news funny…so when knowledge combines with comedy…education actually has a revolution…so these people actually are revolutionaries…as a student…my message to them is – the show must go on”