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CBI files plagiarism case against a local Gujarat court for issuing clean chit to Modi

27, Dec 2013 By aravind86

CBI has filed a plagiarism case against a local court in Gujarat. The local court had upheld a SIT report that had given a clean chit to the Gujarat chief minister in the Gulbarg Society massacre case.

Narendra Modi
Polarizing figure.

Speaking to reporters, the head of CBI, Mr. Chitranjan Dutta, said he was appalled at the decision. “Only the CBI gives clean chits to any important politician in India. How can a local court do the same?”

When this reporter asked whether it is appropriate to file a plagiarism case as it happens mostly in the creative fields like music and movies, he said, “Who said there is no creativity in the CBI? It requires immense talent and creativity to come up with new evidences and ruining the present evidences.”

He also invited reporters to visit his ‘Think Tank” room, which is modeled like the brainstorming room of ad agencies, to pique creativity of CBI employees. In the past, the CBI has given clean shits chits to important politicians like Amit Shah (Ishrat Jahan Case), Mr. Jayant Patil (Adarsh Housing Scam), Mulayam Singh Yadav (Disproportionate Assests Case), Raja Bhaiya (DSP Murder Case), etc.

His anger is justified, feels Chitrang Kumar, a CBI employee who spoke under the condition of anonymity. “Look how committed we are to giving clean chits. My name was Chillara Kumar, which my boss asked to change to CHITrang Kumar, to embody the clean chit giving spirit of CBI.” LOLing away, he further added, “What do you think was the real name of CHITranjan Dutta? It was Budhisikamani Kandiyar!”

He signed off with a question and a chuckle, “Do you know what the favorite past-time of CBI employees is?” When this reporter answered ‘no’ in bewilderment, he replied, “CHIT chat!”