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CBI approaches “Dreaming Baba” to help finding out the missing coal block files

30, Oct 2013 By HariHaravelan

Delhi: Senior officials of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) from various part of Country has approached “Dreaming Baba” Rajdev Sarkar and asked him to help finding out the missing Coal Files.

Rajdev Sarkar is a sadhu who claim that he had seen two men one with “Safed dadhi” (Grey beard) and another with “Kaali dadhi” (black beard) burying the coal allocation files somewhere in the Dark forest of Odisha in his Dream. “He couldn’t locate the location exactly however,” he claimed further in the letter he wrote to CBI.

Soon after CBI received the Letter, a meeting took place between CBI and “Dreaming Baba” and CBI sought Baba’s help to find the location of the buried files.

On being asked how did the letter from Baba convinced CBI,  one of the senior official said, “The men Baba mentioned, already suspected in fake encounter case, so we strongly suspect they might have involved in this also. Baba has assured us that he will find the exact location of the land in his further dreams.”

Baba co-operates us very well. He engages himself in sleep 20 hours a day, he exclaimed.

Also the senior official warned media, “Baba has clearly mentioned that any mocking comment on this digging operation will make the Files go vanish!!”

When we approached Baba, he was not available for the comment as he was busy sleeping.

Meanwhile team of people has started excavation in deep forest of Odisha where could be the possible location of buried files according to Baba’s dream.

Recent report from the excavation site says “200 ft was dug out already and after digging into 200 ft depth Coal started coming out, but not the coal files!!