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Caught Pakistani terrorist Naved is a PAPI engineering student: Went for his final year internship project in India

07, Aug 2015 By Golden Tooth

Faisalabad: A Pakistan based engineering institute, Pakistan Advanced Pyrotechnics Institute (PAPI) has claimed that the caught Pakistan terrorist Mohammed Naved (20), is a final year institute in their college. The student is allegedly studying a course on bomb making with specialization in suicide vests.

PAAPI's Student Of the Year: Mohammad Naved
PAPI’s Student of the Year: Mohammad Naved

“Yes, he is our student. He was doing an internship with ISI in Azad Kashmir. He has always a bright student, though he hasn’t been very good student in theory, but in practical he was unparalleled. That’s why even at such a young age he went on a live project to attempt such a tough internship project. He had a natural flair of firing AK47. It was all fun for him. But rules are rules; a successful execution would fetched his a good score. Now I am afraid, he would be getting a backlog.” Said the PAPI dean Dr. Hakim Abdul Hannan

On being asked if he worries about life of their student, “Next week we are having Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed coming for campus placement. I am more worried that he would miss out on that. As for his life, I have full faith in liberal seculars, in India. They would ensure his safe return. I just hope they don’t’ coax him to be a Bollywood star.”

“Even if he ends up getting hanged in India, he would get his 72 in havens. And it isn’t a bad count for a 20 something lad”, added the dean.

In Jaranwala Tehsil of Faislabad, his childhood friend recall him as a normal playful guy until he came under the influence of a local Maulwi who prophesied Naved is destined to destroy do something big. When he secured admission in PAPI, the maulwi is believed to have said, “65 ka, 71 ka 99 ka, sabka badla lega humara Naved”.

The Pakistan government has however put blame on “non state actors”, backed by Taliban (not the ‘good’ Taliban, but the bad one) behind the attack to disturb the inexorable ceremonial peace talks between the two countries.