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Caught in compromising position, engineering student battles for life after being attacked

12, Sep 2014 By unmeshshukla

Gurgaon. In what appears to be an emotionally motivated reply arising from defamation of one’s profession, an engineering student who was caught red-handed studying in his hostel room before the onset of exam season was beaten up black and blue by an angry mob of college students.

Students protesting against Ajay.

The incident  occurred when Ajay Punchvedi , a IIIrd year mechanical engineering student of Jalaram Halwai Acharya Technical University (J.H.A.T.U.) was found studying in his room under mysterious  circumstances.

“We could hear mild educational murmuring from his room. We ignored it initially thinking it was  his laptop, but, as we heard carefully we were convinced it was Ajay,” said Rajesh Bisen, a hostel mate of the victim currently in his VIIIth year of engineering.

The armed group of agitated students rammed open the latched door and viciously attacked Punchvedi with chappals, belans, textbooks, drafters and similar weapons of manslaughter giving him no time to escape.

Sources close to the victim say that the HOD of mechanical engineering department , Dr Albela  Ansari  and Chotu Chaiwala, a local tea cum sutta stall owner who had to settle huge debts with the victim were also spotted fuelling the students’ anger, though the reports have not been confirmed yet.

“My son had always been studious. So much so, he changed his last name to Punchvedi from our regular surname of Chaturvedi after having by hearted AYURVEDA apart from the 4 regular Vedas which are inbuilt within each Chaturvedi,” said Mrs  Padhilikhi Chaturvedi, aggrieved  mother of Panchu.”He has been on a liquid diet since the incident. Bewildered, he  often  shouts wierd slogans like ‘RAHUL GANDHI KI  JAI’ since the day the unfortunate incident has happened to us.” Mrs. Chaturvedi  went on to add.

Left red-faced over the shameful deed of his son, Panchvedi’s father, Mr Chatur Chaturvedi, himself an alumnus of the same institute is reported to have disowned Punchvedi from all his property. Despite  several attempts, Mr Chatur could not be contacted by Faking news.

Meanwhile, breaking its silence over the issue, the college administration has advised the students  not to indulge in activities  that bring bad name to the reputed institute.