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CAT topper stuns everyone, decides to join Rupa Publication instead of IIM

17, Jan 2014 By Shashank Tiwary

A day after CAT results were declared, CAT topper Chinmay Bangar surprised everyone with his announcement. No, he didn’t announce that he’ll be joining AAP. He declared that he will be working with Rupa Publications instead of going to IIM.

An angry Chetan.
Inspirational figure.

While talking to our reporter, Chinmay said, ‘’It doesn’t make sense to waste 2 years at an IIM if all I’m supposed to do in the end is write a novel and become a best-selling author. I should rather start with my novel straight away.’’

On asking about how he got this idea of writing a novel, he said, ‘’Once I was having poha on a paper in my college canteen and as I was about to throw the paper after finishing the poha, I found out that it was a page from one of Chetan Bhagat’s novel. I borrowed the book from the canteen’s owner who had been using its pages for selling eatables, and I read it in one night. I thought if I can become famous and get so many twitter followers like Chetan sir just by writing novels which require much poor English and grammar than what I learnt for CAT then why should I waste my precious time at some IIM.’’

When asked about the plot of his novel, he added, ‘’It’s an absolutely refreshing plot. The novel will cover the story of an engineering student who falls in love with a girl and how his friends help him to get that girl.’’

Another student who could only manage a 99.5 percentile said, ”My score is quite less and I don’t think I will be getting calls from any of the publication houses. It was my dream to work for Rupa Publications but the competition is so tough these days. I already had 209 likes on the Facebook page that I had created for my novel. Some friends are advising me to go for self publishing but my parents won’t be proud of me then. So I’ve decided to take another CAT attempt and get my book published with the best publication house only.”

CAT officials are bewildered from this news and have decided to open new publication houses all over the country so that people don’t lose interest in CAT.

When our reporter asked Chetan Bhagat his views on this matter, he said he will write an article in Times of India on this matter soon.