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Campus LAN halted after an engineering students' attendance counted 100%

12, Mar 2014 By Sarcasm

Udaipur. In a weird incident that took place in F.E.K.U university which jolted university as well as a software company, yesterday when an engineering student Ramesh was using LAN inside the campus, for just fun he was checking his online attendance, zealously pressed count percentage option and that’s it, entire LAN crashed and halted.

“I don’t know i was just checking my attendance with my friends, I haven’t bunked any lectures i think, but for the fun I pressed that button and that’s it.” He replied while he was nervous and slightly feared about all the things that had been going on.

“I don’t know exactly, but it can be a virus attack by any student to change his attendance or to do some damage in the system” Director told to faking news.

The reason came out as a bug in that software. We then tried to contact with that software company which installs online attendance management system.

“We are selling this software and installing since four years in most of the engineering and management and other colleges. The fault is because of our junior engineer who programmed it by considering only 2 digit max. That 3rd digit halted the OAMS and caused this problem. We have been selling it for many years but, we haven’t come across such weird problem. ” A senior employer told to faking news.

When tried to contact that junior employer, the senior told us that, “He is absent today”