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Cafe Coffee Night (CCN) sued for accepting payment from a girl

18, Jul 2014 By trolldevi

Bangalore: CCN a popular coffee chain got sued for committing a dreadful mistake of accepting money from girl instead of guy after the couple completed their coffee.

This caused a huge rage around the country with all girls tweeting and updating their statuses about how youth should ban this coffee chain.The hashtag #CCNshameonyou is trending in all social networks for the past 24 hours.A special request has been sent to Zuckerberg to remove every page related to CCN from FB.

Meethi, a regular Customer of CCN talked to our reporter and said that, “CCN has been really good from past few years. I dunno what made them commit such terrible crime.In my 10 years of CCN experience only guys paid every time (Note:guys not guy) This is really a slap on universal laws of coffee chains.”

This really heartwarming speech inspired many other chicks around the country and they formed an emergency group to do Dharna in front of the branch where incident happened. They were joined by the expected dharna expert Mr.Kejriwal who eventually led the dharna. He stated that, “This is not how a common woman should be treated. CCN is an Ambani agent. No one can change that because I said so.”

CCN CEO Gaurav issued a public apology just an hour back to all the ladies around the world. He held a press meet and said, “Dear ladies and ladies, We’re truly repenting on the sin that we have committed.The guy who collected the bill has been sent to Andaman . If you still think he’s dangerous ,then we’re ready to put him in next mars mission and banish him from the earth.We apologize to all our fellow coffee chains for bringing this disgrace. I promise this won’t happen ever again. *speaking through Bluetooth* OK Arnab, it’s never ever ever. And Brothers from all coffee chains and restaurants, Let’s declare that we will never again accept money from chicks(girls) and let’s collect it all from ducks(dudes) at any cost.”

Perfect crime of accepting money from girl

We heard that CCN paid the money back to that girl along with some more brownies and sundaes as a sorry gift.We came to know about this first and our tweet regarding this news got endless retweets that we even beat Modi’s victory tweet. (Credits: Chicks)

While all this  happening, the duck (dude) groups all over the country started protesting in front of high courts to withdraw the case filed upon CCN. Raj, who has been paying the bills whenever he go out with a girl since he was 17, leading this protest . Our sources say that he even holds  platinum membership cards of all coffee chains in the country.

He even hijacked one of our reporter’s mike,and shouted this to camera, “We are not going to stop these protests until this case is withdrawn. Bring that brave duck who collected the bill, back to the city.This country needs him.We need him. These are the ‘Acche Din’ we’ve  been truly waiting for.”  they continued the protest with “Bring back our brave duck……Bring back.Bring back.”